B fast, B bold, B the future

Rockefeller Asset Management is guided by the following core investment beliefs in its investing approach, and has followed these tenets for decades:

- Market inefficiencies generally occur when investors:

Focus too much on short-term results
Lack a global perspective
Maintain behavioral biases, especially during periods of market extremes
- Investment results are built on a long-term horizon, coupled with a global research framework and unbiased fundamental analysis
Our commitment to a respectful culture that encourages diversity and intense collaboration differentiates Rockefeller Asset Management as a firm. We believe the stability of our organization and the continuity of our investment professionals has been a key advantage to implementing our philosophy.
Meet The Team
  1. Mehal Rockefeller
    CEO, Chairman & Director
  2. Hiram Rothschild
  3. Bill Duane
    Attorney, Of Counsel
  4. John Ritchie
    Director of Security

Sir Robert Authement

Director of Systems Integrations